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Bike Shuttles, Tours & Coaching

Penticton Velo Vino Tour   Cycling tours and trips in the Okanagan are a dream. Cruise slowly along roads [...]

Kayak Tours and Courses

Kayak tours and trips in the Okanagan gently glide along shorelines hugging vineyards, sun drenched hills and tall ponderosa pine forests. Come on [...]

Climb and Rappel Outdoors

Click here for information on our Indoor Climbing Facility. Climbing and rappel trips in the Okanagan offer great views and interesting terrain. Let [...]

Skills Courses and Outdoor Training

Experience more, outdoors. Do it safely and with confidence by taking an outdoors skills training course. Learn introductory skills, how to self rescue [...]

Hiking & Survival Training

From the Kettle Valley Trail to world renowned single track suitable for a variety of recreationalists, the South Okanagan is the perfect playground [...]

Kayak and Adventure Clubs

Would you like to meet new people and get involved in more outdoor activities? Or maybe you want to try some activities without [...]

Snowshoeing Programs

Enjoy the glistening snowy white pines, the sound of the snow crunching beneath your feet and the Whiskey Jacks as they swoop down [...]

Locals Know Adventures

Pentictoners! Get out and explore your own backyard yard on our annual Locals Know Adventure event. Every year just before the Canada day [...]

International Adventures

Do international adventures call out to you? We feature up to four international adventures every year because we love to travel too and [...]

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