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September 23, 2017

20km l 10km l 5km
Freak’n Little Farmer 1.5K l 3K

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HERE IT IS… The Freak’n Map 2017!


Freak’n Farmers are tough… They’re tough from freak’n farm work… They’re tough from haul’n tomato buckets’n onion sacks… They’re tough from plow’n the fields… Throw’n hay bails… Trench’n through the mud…

All obstacles for The Freak’n Farmer will be “covert” until your race briefing. This year there will be 3 courses available, one covering 5K, one 12kms and a new distance of 20K. The 5K course will cover 10 obstacles, the 10K with 18 obstacles and the 20K with 23 obstacles.

Watch here for obstacle training tips from our CrossFit Trainer at Penticton CrossFit.


Sign your kids up for a taste of the adventure. What kid doesn’t like to race around an obstacle course getting muddy, doing what the big kids do?!
This is a family friendly weekend, fun for all ages!

Mini Freak’n Farmer l Ages 3-6 l .75Km Course l 26 Obstacles

Freak’n Little Farmer l Ages 6-12 l 3.4Km Course l 38 Obstacles

5K Course l Ages 13-16 l 10 “Big Kid” Obstacles

Early Bird until May 31

$95 per person

Youth 5K $45 (age 13 – 18)

Youth Elite $70 (13-18yrs in 10 or 20K Course)

Registration after June 1st

$105 per person

Youth 5K $50 (age 13 to 18)

Youth Elite $70 (13-18yrs in 10 or 20K Course)

Registration after July. 1st

$145 per person

Youth 5K $70 (age 13 to 18)

Youth Elite $70 (13-18yrs in 10 or 20K Course)

*Mini (ages 3-6) and Freak’n Little Farmer Registration (ages 6-12) 

Freak’n Little and Mini Farmer $30 until May 1, $32 after June 1st, $50 after July. 1


Expect the weather to be VERY HOT SUMMER CONDITIONS and we will keep you updated as the race draws nearer. It may be cool in the morning but the temperature will rise drastically! See the Oliver weather forecast.
Note: Due to weather conditions, local burn bans, and other restrictions, it is possible that the course may change and that some obstacles may be altered or removed completely.


The course is designed to be very difficult and the terrain is at times muddy, slippery, and potentially dangerous. You may be wet from the start line! If you do not feel comfortable completing any obstacle, DO NOT attempt it; simply continue on to the next obstacle.


At 2:30 PM, all participants who have not reached the ½ way mark will be escorted off the course by the First-Aid team.

There will be drinking water at four different locations throughout the course. Participants are encouraged to supplement this with personal hydration systems as well.

Heat sheets will be available throughout the course and at the Finish Area

The weather in the South Okanagan is currently VERY HOT. It may be cool in the morning but the temperature will rise drastically! See the Oliver weather forecast.

Normal running shoes. We DO NOT recommend you buying new shoes for this event; shoes get muddy, because you are running through the mud. We also DO NOT recommend barefoot shoes.
*Gloves and hat

*Warm/dry clothing to change into after the race.

*Hydration system. Note: Again, there will be 4 water stations throughout the course.

*Costumes and anything creative.

*BYO Lawn Chair for the after party!

What NOT to wear:

You CANNOT wear spikes or cleats during the event. There will be an inspection at the Start line!

We DO NOT recommend barefoot shoes!! (See course map and think Cactus Climb!)


If you registered under the competitive category, your time will be recorded and posted here on our website. It will also be available at the Finish line. If you entered in the recreational category you can check your own time at the finish line, however we will not be keeping track for you.
If you choose to skip an obstacle as a competitive participant, you will be given a 5 minute time penalty. If you are caught cheating you will be given a DNF (Did Not Finish,, aka,, Dam Naughty Farmer)

Awards will be given for top men, women and teams in the competitive category. There will also be awards given for best costume, best team name, “most spirited” team and more…

Freak’n Farmer branded apparel brought to you exclusively by ECM. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.


The Great food and Wine tastings brought to you by the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association at the Finish line are a key component of the Freak’n Farmer experience. We will have our band performing throughout the afternoon. Enjoy a glass of Okanagan’s finest and watch participants as they slide across the finish line! We will of course also have beer and food available!


Spectators are welcome! There are many areas around the course to watch the debauchery of the day!

We are asking a minimum donation of $5 to spectate the event. 50% of the proceeds go to the South Okanagan’s Children Hospital!

General Info
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When Will the Awards take Place?
Start/finish times?
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How do we deal with cheaters?
What if I really can’t complete an obstacle?
What if I can’t swim?
What if I get sick or injured?
Where can I find medical help?
How do I get photos taken on the course?
Is Freak'n Farmer Dangerous?
Can I View The Course In Advance?
What Obstacles Can I Expect to Encounter?
Can I Skip an Obstacle?
Are There Medics Along The Course?
Are There Water Stations or Water/Snacks Available?


What Should I Wear?
What should I for After The Event?
Are Children Welcome?
Can I Bring Friends and Family To Watch?
Can I Bring My Pet?
Where Can I Store My Valuables During the Event?
Can I Bring My Own Drinks and Alcohol?
Will There Be Showers?
What Are The Accommodations
Can I Hang a Poster At My Gym or Workplace?


How Do we Donate to The Charity?
Can we Bring Costumes
Things To Sign

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