Please note that during our Peak Season (May to October) we will only reserve equipment for full day rentals.  All part day rentals are on a first come first served basis. 

Shuttles and Rentals Cancellation Policy


Bike Rentals:

  • Half Day – $30 – 4 hours, Starts at 1pm
  • Full Day – $45
  • Kid Bikes – $25.00 no half day rates for these

Call us to reserve a bike! 250-492-3888

High quality Giant brand, 27 speed Alloy Hard-tails, adjustable front suspension – with lock out, hydraulic disc brakes.
Or… Comfort bikes and cruisers. They are perfect for the Kettle Valley Railway and in town cruising. Comfortable upright seated position.
Come with repair kits, spare tubes and pumps.

Whether you are heading into the hills for single track trails, peddling from winery to winery along Penticton’s famous Kettle Valley Railway trail or cruising one of our waterfront sidewalks we have a high quality rental bike for you. Our staff are passionate cyclists, we ride what we rent and maintain our rental bikes as if they were our own personal rides.

As for the kids bikes we have a limited selection and they only come with a helmet. Feel free to call us for more information.

Child towing equipment:
Chariot brand Child carriers and a tag along (a half bike that attaches to adult bikes, suitable for 4/5 yr olds to 8/9 yr olds).

  • Chariot single child carrier = $25
  • Chariot double child carrier = $35 no half day rates for chariots
  • Tag along child half bike = $25  No half day rates for these items

Kayak Rentals:

  • Half day:     $35 (Single) / $45  (Double) – 4 hours, Starts at 1pm
  • Full Day:     $60 (Single) / $80 (Double)

Call us to reserve a kayak! 250-492-3888

All the rental kayaks in our fleet are ‘Sea Kayaks’.  We have both recreational and touring boats, our singles are plastic to assure durability and our doubles are thermaform to keep the weight down.  We have a variety of sizes and designs to cater for all body heights and widths. All of your safety equipment including high quality paddles and kayak specific PFD’s (life jackets) are provided with your rental to ensure you are able to paddle to your private lake beach efficiently and safely.
Our rental kayaks consist of Current Designs and Seaward brands.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Rentals:

  • 2 hr – $30
  • 4 hr – $45
  • 24 hr – $60

Penticton has two lakes and a river channel connecting them. Stand Up Paddle Boards have quickly become the rental craft of choice for visitors or people looking to try it out.  Our Rental SUPs are perfect for beginners and allow people newer to the sport to paddle easily along the local waterways.

Rock Climbing Gear Rentals:  

We offer a small selection of rental rock climbing shoes and chalk bags only. We do not rent our harnesses or ropes.

Climbing shoes – $15.00

Snowshoe Rentals: 

Available all winter long. Snowshoeing is growing in popularity and we have a pair of rental snowshoes for everyone. Kids sizes as well as male and female specific styles enable you to get out there in a pair of rental snowshoes that are right for you. Our Canadian made Louis Garneau designed lightweight trail snowshoes are perfect for the Okanagan snow.

  • Half day:     $15
  • Full day:     $25

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