Over the Holidays:  Give back to the Community with your Xmas party!

Build-a-Bike Activity: Team up to build a bike! We will give it to a local family in need.

Your group will be split in teams and each team will be given a set of clues that will lead you to bike parts that you will need to collect so you can build an entire bike. All the bikes that come out of this activity will be given to local kids.

Can Build: Compete to earn the food cans and then build the best structure to win! We will donate the cans to those in needs.
We will split your group in teams and give challenges so each team can earn their cans. You then have to compete to build the best structure of all! All the cans used and earned during this activity will be donated to locals that need it.
For more information or to book an activity call us at 250-492-3888 or email us at info@hoodooadventures.ca

Now Available:  2018-2019 Snowshoe Tours!!

We have 2 tours that run daily:

  •  2 Hour tour
  •  Mountain Top tour

Our 3 Course Snowshoe Fireside Dinner dates will be available soon!

Click the button below for more info and to register