Summer 2018

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Summer is here!

Enrol your children in a world of adventure this summer with our amazing Adventure Camp programs. Kids get to spend their summer outside learning new hard & soft skills, meeting new friends, keeping cool & learning, and living by our 3 Rs to improve our community.

Is your little one just starting off with their first adventures? Then they belong in our Trekkers program. Ages 5-7 are invited to 1 week sessions every other week of the summer (4 in total) with a highly experienced, certified recreation instructor. Their first adventure begins here!

Trekkers Handbook 2018

Has your child been a Trekker before, or ready for something more challenging? Then they belong in our Explorers group! Each day of the week brings the Explorers program something different. Ages 8-12, the Explorers get to go mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and outdoor climbing. With a consistent schedule (ie. biking on Tuesdays), the Explorers can sign up for the days of their choice, or weekly spaces to try it all.

Explorers Handbook 2018

Is your child an avid adventurer? Ready to build their own adventure? Then they are ready for our new Trailblazers program! Trailblazers spend 1 week of the summer planning and executing their own adventure expedition overnight!

Trailblazers Adventure Camp Handbook 2018


Ages 5 – 7 years

All spots in all 4 weeks are full!

For waitlist you can call us at (250) 492-3888



Ages 8 – 12 years




Ages 10 – 14 years


Adventure Camp Registration & Waiver Form
Adventure Camp Medical Form
Anaphylaxis Form
Extended Medical Form
Adventure Camp Terms & Conditions

Please Note: Waivers, registrations and medical forms CANNOT be submitted online automatically. They must be emailed to us. You may save and email your documentation to

Our Adventure Camp paperwork has been updated for 2018! If anything has changed in your child’s life that will affect their program experience please fill out new Registration & Medical Forms.

All campers will need new medical forms for Adventure Camp programs starting May 1st 2018


After School Climbing Clubs

Hoodoo Adventures offers after school climbing clubs for kids throughout the weekdays. Our clubs are designed to let kids have fun on the wall, while learning about safety, knot tying, belaying, climbing technique and more! Programs are age specific and run for 6 week segments throughout the school year.

Pebbles (ages 5-7)
Stones (ages 8-11)
Rec Team (ages 12-16)

Prior to registering for any of our programs, parents should be aware of the existing terms and conditions, as well as cancellation policies for our programs. You will also find these terms and conditions contained within the welcome letter.

*All rates are subject to change without notice.

Programs fill up quick and commitment is required.

There are no refunds given for our Kids Camps.

From September 7 – June 21: We allow a transfer of dates or participants with notice of 7 or more days (so you can jump on another Adventure Camp later on in the school year).

From June 22 – September 6: We allow a transfer of dates or participants with notice of 14 or more days (so you can jump on another Adventure Camp later on in the summer).

Alternatively, we may offer equivalent credit for the climbing gym, or other kids programming being offered by Hoodoo Adventures for the duration of the school year.

There is a 48-hour booking blocker for Adventure Camps – meaning parents cannot book online inside of 48 hours of the program start time. Please contact Hoodoo Adventures for availability within 48 hours of the program start date.

Wait lists are available if the program is full. If a space opens up, we will contact parents based on their place on the wait list. Those spaces will fill up on a first paid, first confirmed basis.

Got a bored teenager? Bring them down to Hoodoo Adventures and see what’s in store.

  • Recreational Climbing Team (ages 12 – 16) – $100 / 6 weeks – details here
  • Teen Drop In Nights ($10 drop ins!)

Hoodoo Adventures offers comprehensive all-age programming to our local schools. Not only do we offer climbing sessions at our 2,000 square foot climbing facility, but we also offer an impressive array of of outdoor and team building activities.

Click here to view what we are offering to schools for the 2017-2018 school year!

YORS is the Youth Outdoor Recreation Society, a not-for-profit organization to help bring quality, affordable programming to our local youth! For more information click here!

You can also visit our Facebook page and see what we are up to!

Outdoor Education motivates participants into challenging and demanding situations requiring effort, determination, co-operation and self-reliance. It’s a holistic form of education that can guide individuals academically, physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically; providing opportunities to apply knowledge in real-life situations, and enhancing the relationship between humans and nature.

Outdoor education challenges and compliments the current context of our traditional education system. It provides balance to a system highly focused on testing and examinations by allowing participants to acknowledge and understand the inherent subjectivity that colors many real-life situations. It aims to provide and promote the development of the whole person as a social being in a balanced, integrated fashion as well as provide a rewarding energy outlet.

All of our programs deeply embrace the fundamentals above, and are professionally facilitated in a way that highlights those values.


At Hoodoo Adventure Company, we are passionate about introducing youth to the outdoors and the benefits that playing outside can offer.  We believe that in order to create a culture of adventure, you have to start with the kids! For this reason, we have put together a fun selection of adventure activities and camps suitable for all ages that the community and it’s visitors can choose from.