This trail running race covers either 1 or 3 stunning peaks of beautiful Big White Ski Resort. 

The one peak course covers approximately 11.5kms of trail with 622 meters of elevation gain while the 3 peaks cover 31.5kms and 1890 meters of elevation gain!  From village to dirt road, single track to lakes, ridges and amazing mountain views, this event has it all. 

We will keep participants safe by following all ‘return to sport regulations’, limiting registration numbers, keeping groups small and extremely spread out throughout the event/day and not having any gatherings at the start or finish. 

Adapted to follow all physical distancing and safety protocols, we are excited to offer this amazing event this 2021 season!

Fees: One Peak $55, 3 peak $75

Include:  The race entry, chance to win prizes

Prizes: 3 Peaks men/women 1st Place $200 cash each
Swag draw prize chances for all.  Special Prize for best costume

1 Peak 
Starting from Happy Valley, runners make their way through the village to a dirt road that leads to the stunning Rhonda Lake.  From there technical trail takes you to the peak where to enjoy breath-taking mountain views before returning to Rhonda Lake to another single track trail leading to the bottom of Black Forest and back to Happy Valley. 
The course will be flagged and marshaled where needed.  You will have one aid station at Rhonda Lake that you will pass twice.

3 Peaks
Starting in Happy Valley competitors will run towards the village and follow the trail leading above the fire hall before running on the road towards the “Village to Snowpines” trail and onto the old Bumble Bee to Paul’s Lake.  From here you go down to the bottom of Gem chairlift via Ogoslow and then up CanCan to Kalina Rainbow all way to Gem Lake.  There will be a little trail marked there to lead you to the very top of Peak 1, where you will receive your 1st bracelet.

From here you will come back down the same way to Gem Lake and take the dirt road (Village Way) back down to Paul’s Lake.  From Paul’s lake you ascend another dirt road to the top of Snowghost, follow Falcon ridge trail to the top of Falcon Ridge (Falcon Ridge Hut) and to the top of Peak 2 for your 2nd bracelet. 

Here you will turn around and go down the entire Falcon Ridge Trail to the firehall and onto another dirt road taking you to the stunning Rhonda Lake where you will hit some technical trail taking you to enjoy breath-taking mountain views at Peak 3 to collect your 3rd bracelet before returning to Rhonda Lake to another single track trail leading to the bottom of Black Forest and back to Happy Valley. 

The course will be flagged and marshaled where needed.  You will pass aid stations 4 times.  One at Paul’s Lake (you will go through this aid station twice) and one at Rhonda Lake (you will pass twice).


What you need to know – Mandatory & Recommended equipment
-The Aid Stations will have chips, gummies and fruits as well as water and Nuun hydration (electrolytes).

-You are responsible to bring your own cup. We are trying to make our events greener and are following the example of many European and American races in that regard. You can bring a collapsible cup, a flask or hydration bladder…whatever works for you best.

– The Aid stations for the 3 peaks will be at 4,5km, 14,5km, 23.5km and 28km 

– The Aid stations for the 1 peak will be at 3,5km and 8km

– It is mandatory that each racer has either a bottle, flask or bladder with a minimum capacity of 375ml. 

– There is plenty of water on the course to cool off if needed. If you were to use that water for drinking, a filter would be appropriate.

– Poles and Bear spray are recommended but not mandatory

– Registration/Bib pick up & Start times: 

 3 peaks: 

Registration at Happy Valley parking lot between 7:20am & 7:50am

Start Time: 8am

 1 peak:

Registration between 8:15am and 8:50am

Start Time: 9am

NEW DATE! AUG. 13, 2022

Due to high snowpack levels, this year’s race has been postponed a few weeks.  Please contact [email protected] for more info. 

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