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At Hoodoo Adventures, we believe it is very important for the youth to spend time amidst nature and outdoors. This will help them develop a variety of skills and it also includes a lot of fitness and learning. Why waste your vacation indoors when we have an array of youth programs for you in the Okanagan-Similkameen region. Our activities include kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, camping options, indoor climbing, and more. Go through this page to learn more about the programs we offer and call us to reserve your spots!

Summer adventure camps

Trekkers: (Ages 5-7)

Sign up your kid(s) for this program so they can experience a week of nature learning, discovery, and adventures with qualified, caring instructors. In this program, Trekkers will spend time hiking, playing, and keeping cool at the beach. Along with this, they also get the opportunity to go rock climbing and kayaking. Weekly spaces are available during 6 weeks of the summer. This year (2020) the dates are:

  • June 29th - July 3rd (new)
  • July 6th - 10th
  • July 13th - 17th *FULL!*
  • July 20th - 25th (new)
  • July 27th - 31st *FULL!*
  • August 4th - 7th
  • August 10th - 14th (new)
  • August 17th - 21st
  • August 24th - 28th

Please check our Summer Information Booklet for more details.

Explorers: (Ages 8-12)

At this stage, explorers are ready to push the limits and develop their skills. Enroll your child in this program to experience a favourite adventure sport or a whole week of many adventures. Activities in this program include:

  • Monday: hiking
  • Tuesday: mountain biking
  • Wednesday: kayaking
  • Thursday: outdoor climbing
  • Friday: wild card day (dragon boating, trail building, waterslides, beach day, varies every week)

This camp is available every day of the whole summer break; mix and match your adventure. Please look at our Summer Information Booklet for more details.

Trailblazers & Overnight Camps: (Ages 9-15)

***Due to the recent global challenge, our Trail Blazer Program is being rebuilt to ensure we are offering the best program possible for this age group as they navigate their own unique challenges with their peers.  Watch this space for more information coming soon.***

Trailblazers consist of many overnight adventures, from the comfort of one location to an expedition trip. There are overnight programs at Chute Lake Lodge and Big White or an expedition program where campers spend 2 days planning a trip and 3 days on it. These programs will run from Sunday to Friday with many incredible activities such as leadership opportunities, hard and soft skill development, and overnight camping. Trailblazers’ Expedition Camp consists of extended day camp on Monday and Tuesday with an overnight trip on Wednesday to Friday. Our July group will be on a biking trip and our August group will be kayaking.


  • Waivers, registrations, and medical forms cannot be submitted online automatically. They must be filled out and brought to our office in person.
  • Our adventure camp paperwork has been updated for 2020! If anything has changed in your child’s life that will affect their program experience, please fill out new Registration & Medical Forms.
  • Adventure Camp Registration & Waiver Form is mandatory as well as the Adventure Camp Medical Form. Without these forms, your child won't be able to participate in our camps, without refund.
  • Please fill out the Extended Medical Form and the Anaphylaxis Form if your child has a condition that we should be aware of or a life-threatening allergy.
At Hoodoo Adventures, we offer after-school climbing clubs for kids throughout the weekdays. Our clubs are designed to let kids have fun on the wall while learning many things such as safety, knot tying, belaying, climbing technique, and more. All these programs are age-specific and run for 4- or 5 week segments throughout the school year.

Teen Programming

Got a bored teenager? Bring them to Hoodoo Adventures and see what’s in store.

  • Recreational climbing team (ages 12–16) – $85 for 5 weeks
  • Teen Drop-in Nights; $10 drop-ins (include rentals)

School programming

Hoodoo Adventures offers comprehensive all-age programming to our local schools. Not only do we offer climbing sessions at our 2,000 square foot climbing facility but we also have an impressive array of outdoor and team-building activities.

Email us at for quotes, ideas, and options! We offer everything from 2 hours to multi-day programs!

YORS - Youth Outdoor Recreation Society

YORS is the Youth Outdoor Recreation Society, a not-for-profit organization to help bring quality and affordable programming to our local youth! For more information, go through this! You can also visit our Facebook page and see what we are up to!

The Value of Outdoor Education Society

Outdoor education motivates participants to deal with challenging and demanding situations that require effort, determination, co-operation, and self-reliance. It is considered as a holistic form of education that can guide individuals academically, physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically. It also provides opportunities to apply knowledge in real-life situations and helps in enhancing the relationship between humans and nature.

These types of outdoor education programmes challenge and complement the current context of our traditional education system. It provides balance to a system that is highly focused on testing and examinations by allowing participants to acknowledge and understand the inherent subjectivity that colours many real-life situations. It aims to provide and promote the development of a person as a social being in a balanced, integrated fashion as well as provide a rewarding energy outlet.

All of our programmes have deeply adopted the above fundamentals. They are professionally facilitated in a way that highlights those values.

At Hoodoo Adventures, we are passionate about introducing youth to the outdoors and the benefits that playing outside can offer. Hence, we have put together a selection of adventure activities and camps suitable for all ages that the community and its visitors can choose from.

Attractive Youth Programs

Our goal is to help you explore the outdoors and brief you about the benefits of the same.