Develop Your Skills

At Hoodoo Adventures, we provide a variety of adventure courses for every age and ability. The courses are specifically designed to progressively challenge both the mind and body. We’ll make sure to provide courses that deliver fun and excitement to all our guests. Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure and explore the Okanagan-Similkameen region like never before. Check out our unique courses that provide an exhilarating adventure experience for everyone.

Intro to Climbing
Safely enter the world of outdoor climbing with our qualified instructor, at the perfect time of year - cooler weather, and fewer people - at Skaha Bluffs.
Intro to Canoe
Our certified guides will help you get into the iconic Canadian pastime of canoeing. Safety procedures and equipment, adjusting your position for proper comfort, paddle functions and maneuvering the canoe are all covered
Intro to Kayak
In this easy introductory kayak lesson you will learn the Basics. Kayak styles, paddle strokes, safety equipment and more!
Survival Essentials
If you enjoy going out for a vigorous day hike and checking out some of BC's amazing natural beauty, but aren't quite sure what you'd do if things go sideways, this training is a great place to start. 
Friday, September 29, 2023
Saturday October 21, 2023
Saturday, October 28, 2023
Saturday, November 18, 2023

Bike Skills

Take your biking skills to the next level! Take a look at the courses that we offer.

Introduction to Mountain Biking

Intermediate Mountain Biking

 Youth Mountain Bike Coaching 

Kayak Skills

 If you are interested in exploring the field of kayaking and need professional training, Hoodoo Adventures can help.

Introduction to Kayaking 

Intermediate Kayaking

Advanced Kayak Skills

Kayak Rolling Training 

Canoe Skills

If you are interested in exploring the field of Canoeing and need professional training, Hoodoo Adventures can help.

Introduction to Canoeing

Intermediate Canoeing

Advanced Canoe & Survival Training 

Climbing Skills

Single Day Courses

This is where we literally show you the ropes! See below to learn more.

Introduction to Rock Climbing 

Intro to Lead Climb Sport

Anchor Building

Multi-Day Courses

Join AMGA certified climbing guide and instructor Nicole Chickloski in a safe and supporting leaning environment to hone your skills and take them to the next level. Check out these new, in depth skills courses being offered in 2023!

Gym to Crag Skills Course

Women's Gym to Crag Skills Course

Intro to Lead Skills Course

Women's Intro to Lead Skills Course

Survival Skills

If you’re familiar with the outdoors but looking for more skills, turn to Hoodoo Adventures. Our qualified outdoor instructors are committed to sharing their knowledge on full-day Survival Training, which covers survival kits, shelters, food and water resources, map and compass, fire techniques, distress signals, and more. This course is just perfect for outdoor recreation students, boy scouts or girl guides, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who is interested in the Canadian wilderness.

Essential Wilderness Survival

Dates TBC


Navigation – Map and Compass

Dates TBC

Primitive Survival Skills Course

Dates TBC

Youth Survival Course
Ages 12 – 16

Dates TBC