About us

Founded in 2007, our team at Hoodoo Adventures aims to provide quality outdoor adventures and team events that truly highlight the best the Okanagan has to offer. We have brought together some of the most energetic, personable, and dedicated individuals in the industry to assist you through your activities. All our staff have been selected for their passion, outstanding instructional skills, playful attitudes, and their knowledge of safety management with a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and qualifications.

The crew


Lyndie Hill has a lifetime of outdoor experience; growing up in the Okanagan region, she has always had a passion for the area. Lyndie spent 14 years travelling, hiking, biking, kayaking, and climbing around the world and was directly involved in the outdoor industry in New Zealand for 8 years, gaining experience and multiple qualifications. Her desire to start a family and to have an impact on the community that she loves brought her home where she has used her international experience to offer Penticton and area residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy an eco-friendly, outdoor adventure with local flare. Lyndie sees outdoor recreation and adventure tourism as the perfect platform to create a community culture from and she feels blessed to have such an amazing place to call home and to raise her 3 children with her husband Mike.


Mike has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and event management under his belt. With experience working internationally for one of the world’s leading cycling companies including involvement in World Championship events, Mike brings priceless experience to the team. Though cycling is his first passion, he is a volunteer for the Apex Mountain CSPS Ski Patrol team and has a love for all outdoor adventure and the Okanagan area which makes him a great asset to the business, along with his priceless bike maintenance abilities and a great smile. Growing up in New Zealand, Mike has lived and worked in the Adventure Capital of the world and envisions the same adventurous future for the place he now calls home with his wife and family.


Nathalie is our event coordinator and Race Director. She is an avid adventure racer with more than 15 Expedition races under her belt as well as an Ultra Runner. You will most likely see her on the trails on her bike, on foot or skiing. Her energy is unlimited and contagious. She is also part of the volunteer firefighters up at Big White where she lives part time and is very connected to the trail running, mountain biking and paddling community in the Okanagan.


After studying Tourism Management in Pucon, a small town located in heart of the Chilean Andes, Benjamin started his outdoor career guiding in the Andes volcanoes. He then moved to Atacama Desert and Patagonia where he got his Outdoor Leadership certification with NOLS on a 6-month expedition from sea to summit. Ben has over 10 years of professional guiding experience and has led guide teams in different companies and in several sports such as mountaineering, dirt biking, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and biking. He now calls Penticton his home and refers to it as a little piece of paradise. He is excited to share his outdoor passion and experience and love for this valley with you. He believes that everyone should have some outdoor adventure in their life.


Lindsey is our Bookings Manager, having worked with Hoodoo Adventures since 2009 – she’s our East Coaster. With a Diploma in Adventure Tourism, Lindsey acted as our lead guide for many years, involved in almost every program Hoodoo has offered at one point or another, before relocating to Nova Scotia in 2018 with her family. Lindsey works remotely for us now, offering support in numerous areas. Lindsey is a certified kayak guide and has certifications in Wilderness First Aid and Mental Health Wilderness First Aid. She has led canoe, kayak, snowshoe, hiking, and climbing trips in BC and NS over the years.


Katie Pereira is a technologically savvy individual who has a passion for learning new things, traveling, computers, and Kayaking. She grew up in the Okanagan Region and has spent a lot of her spare time exploring many different parts of the backcountry. Katie loves being in nature with her dog Brody and enjoys taking in the landscapes and beauty of the area. Often Katie can be found in a tree hammock along a secluded shoreline with her Kayak & a book nearby. Katie has worked in the tourism industry for nine years and the customer service industry for over sixteen years. In 2020 Katie obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources and is a part of the CPHR Association. Before graduation, Katie traveled to Thailand and Cambodia for a month: during her travel, her eyes truly opened up to what the outdoor adventure industry is. Upon return from South East Asia, her curiosity in the outdoor adventure industry grew and brought her to Hoodoo Adventures.


Cynthia is from Ontario originally and has been in a canoe, fishing since a very young age. She has years of experience working with youth teaching outdoor survival, map and compass, and canoeing skills. At a young age, she completed multiple eco challenges, multi-day canoe trips, and made it to the highest rank in army cadets. She relocated to BC to do a white water rafting guide course, where she worked for three years taking clients down the mighty Thompson river. Living in Revelstoke for over 10 years she drove big machinery while snowboarding as much as possible. She has gotten many certifications for occupational level 3 first aids, Swift water rescue, white water rafting guide, and continues to take business classes from Okanagan College. With a heart of gold, go-getter attitude and love for the outdoors Cynthia is an amazing addition to the Hoodoo Family!


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These are our kids.  Leo (left), Myra (middle), Eddie (right). 

 Leo and Eddie were born into a World of adventure and are excited to be future stewards of the land.  Leo attended his first adventure race (The Elevator) at the age of 5 months, strapped to his mom as she organized the event, while Eddie did rock climbing and kayaking certification with his mom while still in her belly… 2 born adventurers!   They both now love to mountain bike with their dad and paddling with Ben is their favorite day at Adventure Camp:)

Myra, fur-child of Ben and the whole Hoodoo team, was born at Chute Lake Lodge and is named after the Myra Canyon Park.  She also loves to hit the trails and paddle.  And she really, really loves to be loved when we have visitors at the building:)

Silver Fox – Trusty Steed #1

This is the Silver Fox.  Don’t let his age fool you, he is reliable and hard working.  He earns his keep, remains well groomed and is a bit of a head turner as he dazzles his way up the back roads of the interior carrying a trailer of bikes.  He’s also happy to safely deliver our adventure camp kids to their next destination or stop in at a winery after a tour, he knows how to keep it classy when the time is right. 

Geoffrey – Trusty Steed #2

This is Geoffrey.  Named by our After School Adventure Camp kids and often mistaken for a 70’s ambulance (we still can’t figure out who approved the paint job before we bought him) he is actually much younger than he looks, which can be seen if you take time to explore him on the inside.  The envy of many a adventurer who wishes they had a van this awesome, Geoffrey is well recognized in our little community.  Locals know when he’s loaded with gear and on the road… adventure awaits!

Goldie Honda – Trusty Steed #3

This is Goldie.  Formerly loved by the local bike shop, Goldie enjoys the feeling of the wind through her roof racks and the bikes at her back.  Her classic beauty outweighed only by her adventurous spirit, Goldie thrives on delivering folks to their next stunning destination in our breathe taking region. 

Monte Pontiac – Trusty Steed #4

This is Monte.  

Betty White Ford – Trusty Steed #5

This is Betty White.  

Suburban – Trusty Steed #6

Qualifications of Our Staff

We have listed out qualifications that you may need to join our team depending on the role you are applying for:

All our staff at Hoodoo Adventures are required to hold relevant qualifications in their field.